The secret to learn to let go

Letting go is a process. Releasing means stop, the attention to a particular person or experience, and focus on the here and now. We cling to the past by our emotions. This can be a painful or joyful. If we cling to the past, we cloud our perception of it.
And we all do!
As women, we cling to the past because we are programmed to bind our emotions around the experience of our lives. Experiences are very personal and intense. I'm not saying that. The same as for men, but women tend to have a better handle on the emotional experiences
What confuses some women Letting Go, is that we forget or ignore, the worst happens. That's not true. We need to be able to look back at our past, but we must look to the past, while it will happen. Means letting go of the past, not our own.
As already mentioned, Letting Go is a process. It is an emotional process, which will heal the wounds of the past, to learn from the mistakes of the past or of the acceptance of the past. Letting Go But it can also mean that you are afraid of the present are overcome. This occurs sometimes in women who are fully invested in their children's education, they will lose the essence of who you are to be seen as a woman. As children grow, they cling to their children with the lens of the past, because of its identity is wrapped around the mother in front of him. This is the same for women and men who work long hours and do not have much of a personal life. They are characterized by defining their work.
Letting Go is an experience more. If you continue to resist letting go, I'm not fully living in the present. For me, without a bad experience that I. Mentally hit the rewind button on a continuous event I may regret an action or something I said or wish you had spoken when I was silent. Letting Go of wonder what lessons we can learn from my experience and embrace the lesson.
Once the lesson was taken, I have to consciously stop the rewind button hitting at the event. Because I try to hit me instead to continue. Stop I'm the first to say it, but it can be difficult to beat me mentally. But the truth about letting go hit the rewind button.

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