Red State Dawn

The new GOP-lead House of Representatives has been gaveled into session. We can only hope that the "new" GOP is willing to avoid acting like the "old" one. Herewith some friendly advice:

1. Ignore the mainstream media, especially the DC/NY wing. Their strength comes from their self-declared status as the nation's debating forum, but the rules are rigged against you and the moderators are one the other guys' side. You'll reach a bigger audience using Fox, talk radio, bloggers, and your local media.

2. don't be embarrassed to cite the Constitution and American history in making your voting decisions, but for God's sake make sure you get your facts right

3. remember why people voted for you: 2010 was about making promises to cut the size of the federal government and repeal Obamacare. Welshing on this is the road to Schwarzenegger-style failure.

4. When there is a vote coming up and the phone lines are overwhelmed and the calls are running 90 vs 10 one way or another: go with the 90. The TARP vote in the face of overwhelming public opposition was the spark that lit the Tea Party. I guarantee: when the Obamacare repeal vote comes up, the lines will be silent. Don't listen to the voices that say you should listen to their astroturf.

5. don't hire your family members to do your fund raising.

6. don't be afraid to speak your mind, but make sure there is something in your mind when you do it.

7. if someone calls you a racist, you should keep doing whatever it is that caused you to be called a racist.

8. question everything. Rand Paul may have gotten in trouble for his inartful comments about the Civil Rights Act, but when you look at the present state of civil rights enforcement, there's a case to be made.

9. If you are going to "cut" something, you need to be able tell people in the next breath what will take its place. Don't even bother trying to cut the PBS budget if you can't tell people what is going to happen to Sesame Street.

10. Remember who voted for you (hint: it wasn't John Boehner, Karl Rove or Michael Steele), and think of those people when you are carrying out the People's Business

11. And also remember that the window for conservative governance may be pitifully short. The Gingrich Revolution was effectively over when Dick Armey-types were cast aside in favor of big spenders who voted the "right" way on social issues. (and Bob Novak noted that he thought the whole '94 Revolution was suspect when appropriators like Bob Livingstone secured leadership positions). A GOP that fails to act now - not two years from now - will be quickly cast aside.

12. Don't bother "negotiating" with the President. Real men don't negotiate with quasi-socialists. Let him veto something for a change.

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