Radical Sheik: Code Pink in Egypt

Speaking of President Reagan, we need an acronym to go along with WWRD. This would be an acronym for situations where liberals/progressives do something horrifying to little media comment when a similar horrifying act by Ronald Reagan would have been trumpeted from the rooftops. For example, can you imagine the reaction if a major Reagan fundraiser had traveled to the capital city of a major Middle East ally in order to raise money to help Islamists overthrow the government? What If Reagan Did This (WIReDT)? (h/t The Other McCain and American Power)

Obama fundraiser group Code Pink issued an emergency appeal on Thursday for thousands of dollars to help the group overthrow the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak.

Code Pink, which has a history of working with enemies of the Egyptian government Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, said in the appeal it wanted to raise $5,000 to fund “the next big uprising” against the Egyptian government on Friday.

As we reported previously, Code Pink has been on the ground in Cairo since the beginning of the uprising. The group has made nine trips to Egypt in the past two years as part of a campaign to undermine the Egyptian government and the blockade against Hamas-controlled Gaza.

The headline for the appeal published at the Web site of Code Pink’s fundraising partner Democracy in Action reads:

“Help us raise $5,000 in emergency funds today to support the Egyptian revolution!”

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin posted on Twitter from Egypt at 3:19 a.m. Cairo time on Friday that more than $10,000 had already been raised.

In the appeal, Code Pink urges supporters to send cute little puppies and kittens to the demonstrators. Not really. They actually urge Code Pink’s dupes to “send flowers and supplies to the demonstrators!”

Unbelievable. Code Pink's Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin also tried to rush the stage during Sarah Palin's acceptance speech during the 2008 GOP Convention. Again, WIReDT???

These screechy broads are not just "protesters" (the generic term that the MSM uses to describe these two). They are wealthy middle aged Bay Area women with the money and leisure time to go around the country and the world undermining the Constitution at home and American interests abroad. They may look funny and present themselves as "idealists," but their goal is no laughing matter: the socialization of America and the retreat of liberal democracy from the world stage. They fit right in with Rev. Wright, the Weathermen, and ACORN. And that means they fit right in with the worldview of the one guy who links all of these groups.

Everyone is standing around wondering "what is Obama trying to do in Egypt?" While he has been trying to have it every way in order to keep up with events, the overall effect of his passive-aggressive calls for Mubarak to resign "yesterday" can only benefit the Islamists who have been waiting decades for this moment. That a group like Code Pink, which reflects the goals and aspirations of the radical groups with whom Obama was associated less than a decade before he was elected president, is on the streets of Cairo can only mean that Obama is with them in spirit.

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