Die Another Day: How to Avoid Being A Murder Victim

The Other McCain passes along some sage advice, gleaned from watching a First 48 Hours marathon, on how to avoid being murdered:

...Let’s face it, if you refuse to pay a dope dealer, and he shoots you dead, how is that anybody’s fault but your own?

Either pay the man, or don’t do dope. It’s really not complicated.

But the lowlife scum have difficulty coping with even these uncomplicated rules of street life.

It’s kind of a rarity on The First 48 for the victim to be entirely innocent. Not that anybody deserves to be murdered, but a majority of the victims in the cases featured on the show end up dead because, at the very least, they were hanging out with lowlife scum.

Lowlife scum with “street names”: Avoid them, and your chances of getting murdered are significantly decreased.

For liberals, the above is too complicated. It must be society, or The Man, or the KKK or someone killing all those bright lights in America's trailer parks, barrios, and ghettos. Personal responsibility, even at the most de minimus level can never enter into the equation.

It may be true that America is a violent place compared to other developed nations, but we're not exactly losing the next Jonas Salk (or even the next Hitler) every time some drug deal goes bad.

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