Perryville: The Opening Shots In the GOP Scandal War

Rick Perry entered the race for the GOP presidential nomination yesterday, and so did an astonishing amount backstage whispers and scandal mongering. Here's the most thorough, not to mention sweaty palmed piece, courtesy of "Republican delegate" and Ron Paul supporter, Robert Morrow:

The first thing you need to know about Rick Perry is that he is (or has been) a flagrant adulterer. The second thing you need to know is that Perry is a man who constantly uses religion and Christian Bible talk for his own political advancement, while living a double life.

Nor does Perry understand or appreciate free market capitalism and the importance of low taxes for all; Perry is a crony capitalist and he likes to spend and borrow lots of money. Perry does not respect parental rights (HPV mandate).Rick Perry, a 25 year career politician, is for the endless, costly undeclared wars; he is for an unaccountable Federal Reserve banking cartel making multi-trillion dollar interventions in a free market; he is for the Patriot Act and its assault on your privacy.

The same man who used a presidential prayer rally (8/6/11) for his personal ambitions and who often spouts Christian buzzwords and Bible talk to advance his political career is a flagrant adulterer, having sex with women who are the approximate age of his daughter Sydney, age 24.

I know this because I am a patron of Austin strip clubs. My friends and excellent contacts in the Austin strip club community tell me that Rick Perry, a la Bill Clinton, has an enabling entourage who gets him “young hotties” to have sex with – both here in Austin and especially when he is on the road. I learned about this before the 2010 Texas primary. I had an attractive stripper tell me about her direct dealings with Rick Perry. She said that she was attempting a Monica Lewinsky-type act upon Gov. Rick Perry (oral sex) but that in her words Perry was “too coked up” to perform sexually! When it came time for the stripper to leave, Perry gave her an outrageous amount of money, so large in fact that it probably means that Perry is taking cash bribes or illegal gifts to fund his extracurricular activities. Perry is not a rich man and I doubt he is spending that much of his own money on the women. (Actually sweetheart real estate deals have made the man unusual money.)

Another young woman, who has had direct dealings with Perry’s enabling entourage, told me that Perry is especially flagrantly adulterous when he goes on the road. She said that Perry has sex with the “young hotties” and that Perry and his entourage are literally having orgies in his hotel room. They are either calling escort services or picking up “young hotties” impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas .

Recently a local Austin reporter was telling me that they had heard about Rick Perry and the strippers in 2006, but they never could nail it down. Well, consider it confirmed. Additionally, there are many people in Austin who are convinced that the man is a homosexual or has had gay affairs in the past. I have never met a man who has had sex with Rick Perry, but I have met women who have had direct dealings with Adulterer Rick Perry and his enabling entourage. Perry has most definitely been living a double life.

That brings up another disqualifying characteristic of Perry: he is arrogant. Rick Perry knows his adultery rap sheet and liability more than anyone else. Perry is fully aware of the tremendous amount of risk this brings to the Republican party, his political career, his personal life and reputation. Yet, Rick Perry, drunk with arrogance and entitlement, presents himself as a legitimate presidential candidate when he is anything but that. Adulterer Rick Perry is sitting on a keg of slut-fueled nitroglycerine that if it ever exploded, would make Anthony Weiner look like a mere pimple popping.

My feelings about this sort of thing is this: I don't follow people around. If they have some kind of secret depraved sex life, I'm certainly not going to know about it, but someone will. This guy Morrow claims special knowledge from patronizing the same strip clubs as Perry. Honestly, if Rick Perry really was living a debauched life-style, we're going to hear from the strippers themselves, not from one of their creepy clients. Perry is preparing to run against the Chosen One. If there really are solid adultery stories, they'll show up in the NY Times, not the misfit reaches of the blogosphere. Right now, all we've got are rumors from a Paul-bot, well that's par for the course when a conservative runs for higher office.

Perry's been seeking and winning elective office in Texas for 20 years. Has there ever been a time when his career was upended by bimbo eruptions? Not that I've noticed, and there are plenty of bitter Texas liberals who would have been happy to broadcast such tales. (Ace debunked the "Rick Perry is gay" rumor on similar grounds).

If Rick Perry really is an adulterer, and he thinks he can run for president anyway, then he's really too dumb to win the nomination. I'm guessing he's not dumb.

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