The Broken Clock: Jerry Brown Gets One Right

Gov. Brown put on his "maverick" hat, and vetoed a bill sponsored by SF State Senator (and mayoral hopeful) Leland Yee that would have mandated that kids wear helmets while skiing. Along the way he had this to say:
"While I appreciate the value of wearing a ski helmet, I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state. Not every human problem deserves a law."
Amen and a half. Needless to say, the bill's proponents did not agree:

Supporters were quick to criticize the veto, pointing out that Brown's Republican predecessor supported an identical bill last year and that the bill mirrored existing bicycle helmet laws for children. Jo Linder Crow, executive director of the California Psychological Association, said Brown "chose to ignore the scientific evidence (and) the ski industry's support."

Wow, so the science is "settled" and "industry" supports it! Also Schwarzenegger supported an "identical" bill! How could Brown resist this avalanche of appeals to authority?I'm guessing it was easy enough. Some things are too dumb, even for government.

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