imperialism and capitalism president

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and imperialism and capitalism opposition icon, has died. Chavez died on Tuesday (03.05) at about 04.25 clock clock local time in Caracas, at the age of 58 years. For two years, Ch├ívez fought cancer for several surgeries and treatments to undergo in Cuba. 

Chavez was 11th in public since undergoing four operations not to chemotherapy in Havana December 2012 to see. "We have received the sad news that our leader, President Hugo Chavez died today at 04.25 clock (local time) of the received," said Venezuela's Vice-President, Nicolas Maduro said in tears, as reported, AFP Wednesday (03.06 /). 

Chavez would have gotten worse lately. Chavez deteriorating health after the diagnosis of acute respiratory infections after cancer surgery in Cuba. Before leaving for an official explanation for the death of Chavez, sometimes news of his death blow. However, expressly rejected by the family and the government. Two weeks ago, the president of the club is to Venezuela after treatment in Cuba. In his own country, Chavez served in a hospital with a tight guard.

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