Holy Father

I used to think Paraguay's president, Fernando Lugo, was little more than a lefty disguised as a priest/president, but no more. Now, he has set a new standard for presidential sex scandals: President of Paraguay Had a Child as Bishop
In a stunning confession, the president ofParaguay, Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop, admitted to fathering a child while the Vatican still considered him to be ordained.

That's right, he fathered a child while serving as a bishop, and then lied about it while serving as president. The mother - 26 years old to the president's 57 - has sued for paternity. Macho men around the world are shaking their heads and muttering imprecations against the dangers of beautiful young women. The president is subdued and a bit rueful:
“It is true that there was a relationship with Viviana Carrillo,” Mr. Lugo said, referring to the child’s 26-year-old mother. “I assume all responsibilities that stem from that, and I recognize that I fathered the child.”

And the child is already taking advantage of the powers bestowed by his unusual parentage:
(A lawyer for the mother) confirmed that Guillermo once fell from the third floor of a building and survived without a scratch. “He is the son of a bishop, no doubt,” Mr. Acosta said. “It was a miracle.”

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