Tickled Pinko

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) is in Cuba and has met with Fidel, himself. She reports that everything is cool, and has a message for us rednecks back here in the Empire. Rep. Lee: Cuba wants to talk to U.S. - 'It's time'

Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland, who led a historic trip of members of Congress to Cuba this week, met with Fidel Castro at his home and said today the former president sees Barack Obama as "a good person and good for America."
Lee reports that rumors of Castro's demise are premature:  

"He looks great, energetic, clear-thinking, talkative. ... He's doing a lot of writing and talked a lot about the new president," said Lee, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus. "He thinks (Obama) is smart, intelligent, a good person and good for America," she said.

And handsome, so handsome...

Lee also managed to meet with the new "El Jefe." He gave her a message of peace and brotherhood to bring back to the Bay Area. 

Lee met with President Raul Castro for nearly five hours. It marked his first face-to-face discussions with American political leaders since he took office. Lee said she also met with Cuba's minister of trade and investment and other government officials.

"I was convinced in all of our meetings that the Cubans do want dialogue - but they want it based on sovereignty and self-determination," she said. "And everything is up for discussion. ... They did not leave anything off the table. They said that there's nothing that we won't talk about - and they said that over and over again."

Raul Castro, she said, was "very delightful, very engaging, he's got a great sense of humor ... (He's) very smart and organized. He talked about diversity. ... He said we want normal relations with America."

Diversity? Oh, you rogue! You know how to talk to a lady!

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