Supertrain: California's High Speed Rail Stops the Holocaust

Groan. Via Tigerhawk, this may be the dumbest bill passed by the California Legislature in years. If the Governator signs AB 619 into law, then henceforth no company that wants to build California's High Speed Rail may do so without disclosing whether or not their trains were used to deport Jews during the Holocaust:
A bill under consideration in the California state legislature would require companies trying to obtain high-speed rail contracts in the state to publicly disclose their role in transporting people to concentration camps during World War II.

The Holocaust Survivor Responsibility Act would also require companies to disclose whether any restitution had been made to survivors or victims’ families. The bill mandates that WWII-disclosure be part of the contract award process.
Will you be surprised if I tell you that the real reason for the "No Ratzis Will Be Building Our Trains" bill is to keep France's Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais (SNCF) from being able to put forward a winning bid to design our High Speed Rail? In other words, this is nothing more than economic protectionism hiding behind the victims of the Holocaust.

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