This is impressive. Bibi Netanyahu, in the Oval Office, tells Pres. Obama that, no, Israel will not go back to its 1967 borders, and, no, they don't intend to negotiate any "deals" with an enemy that has shown itself only capable of killing children and the elderly. It's six minutes of tough facts in the hopes of puncturing the dangerous balloon juice of "change."

Israel has always lived on the knife's edge, but now it finds itself with an unfriendly American administration that has fully bought into the idea that Palestinians are victims and the Israelis are bullies. It is the sort of academic Left vision of the Middle East that can be deadly for the Jewish state, and at odds with the vast majority of the American public, which supports Israel, not because of some Israel Lobby, but because the two nations share common social and and cultural values.

It's a shame Netanyahu has to speak this way to any president of the United States, but Obama has demonstrated over and over again that he lacks any basic understanding of history or human nature. There really isn't any time for the niceties.

And, yes, it would be nice if some of the Republican candidates for president could show this level of firmness and unsentimentality in confronting the dangerous illusions of the Left.

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