Raging Against The Wrong Machine: Code Pink vs. Netanyahu

Is it any surprise that a member of the Bay Area's Code Pink was the heckler who tried to shout down Benjamin Netanyahu during his speech before Congress*?

A San Francisco woman interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday. Check out the video here of Code Pinker Rae Abileah's interruption -- and turn the volume up WAY high, because you can barely hear her say, "Stop Israeli war crimes."

The Pinkers describe the Half Moon Bay native as "a young Jewish American of Israeli descent" who now lives in SF.

Netanyahu briefly paused as Capitol law enforcement removed Abileah. He followed up with an ad lib about how great it was to be in a "real democracy" where folks can freely express their displeasure with government. She was charged with disrupting Congress.

why do I get the feeling that being charged with "disrupting Congress" is not something that is going to affect this girl's future prospects?

Code Pink has been pretty consistent in siding against Israel and the US in all things Middle East. They were caught donating money to Islamists during the February revolution in Egypt, among many other dubious acts. Yet, they are treated delicately. Why, because they're women? Because they wear funny outfits? Because they only "protest" right wingers?

This small group of middle aged, trust fund progressives is literally the only real protest movement in the United States. If you see a picture in the newspaper of "protesters," Code Pink is somewhere in the mix, usually in the forefront. Yet they are never identified as such. If they were, people would catch on pretty quick that, rather than protesters, what you are seeing are the same handful of tired looking women, going through the same routine. I guess you could say they are "media savvy," but part of that savvy is knowing that the media will never report any unflattering information about them.

*and is it any surprise that the reporter who wrote the linked article also referred to John Yoo as "the architect of the Bush Administration's "torture/enhanced interrogation policies?"

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