No Gratitude: Liberals To CA Business - Love It Or Leave It

You may have heard about the latest plan to split CA into two states. Such proposals are hardy perennials among back bencher types in state politics. This time, a Riverside Republican has proposed splitting off CA's 13 most conservative counties, and let the rest of us drown in welfare checks, crack vials, and gay wedding detritus.

Frankly, proposals like this are little more than an excuse for a press release and a goofy story in the newspaper, but someone from the obliging LA Times actually contacted the governor's office to find out what the Zen Master thinks of this GOP plot to escape the land of fruits and nuts. Here is his spokesman's priceless response (h/t Baseball Crank)

"If you want to live in a Republican state with very conservative right-wing laws, then there's a place called Arizona," Brown spokesman Gil Duran said.

Honestly, you can practically hear Duran's prissy exasperation. ("Prissy exasperation" being the default vocal tone for CA liberals). Don't you think there are already a lot of Californians who have left for Arizona? And Oregon? And Nevada? And Colorado? And 45 other states besides? Not only that, they seem to have taken all the jobs with them and replaced them with an underclass that receives over 30% of the welfare paid out in the United States. That's not what most of us consider to be a fair trade.

Duran is also known for calling GOP legislators "basically moronic" during the last round of budget negotiations. Oddly enough, Republicans decided they didn't need to play along with progressive demands for more taxes and debt as the "solution" to our problems. In the classic way of these things, Duran finds praise for "just calling it like he sees it." Too bad a GOP spokesman who dared to be so forthright about perfidious Democrats would be hounded as a hot-headed radical who wants to kill Grandma.

Duran is not a loose cannon, of course. He's the governor's official spokesman. So his crass insults can only reflect his boss's attitude. It's almost as if all that New Civility talk of earlier this was a bunch of hooey.

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