A-Duh-A-Duh-A-Duh: Liberals Facing The Myth of the Social Security Lock Box

You have to listen to this entertaining interview between Cong. Jan Schakowsky (D-Socialism) and a couple NPR talking heads over Obama's seemingly inadvertent admission that there is no Social Security "lock box" to pay out benefits without interruption.

"Why is the president threatening this?"

"He just admitted there's no lock box"

"There's the president telling us we're too stupid to understand."

That's the sound of a couple of liberals waking up to reality. And, this time there are no Republicans available to take incoming demagoguery. Shakowsky keeps saying "you don't understand" how Social Security works. Sounds like these folks do understand too well.

Btw, the woman NPR-er keeps asking "Why is he threatening this?" Uh, because he's an a**hole?

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