At the Dawn: MSM Realizes Bloated Bureaucracy Will Not Cure What Ails, Ya

Great letter to the editor to the Washington Post from Don Boudreaux, reacting to the Post's much-hyped multi-part stories on the increasing bloat and complexity of the US Intelligence Services. According to the Post all of this increased bureaucracy has not improved intelligence operations. One wonders if the Post realizes there might be other Big Government initiatives that will not accomplish their desired goal

But why do you not also worry about similar extensions of government’s reach into areas such as health-care and finance? As with fears of terrorism, Americans’ concerns about the cost of medical care and the role of Wall Street have been cynically stoked and used by politicians to expand the role the state. Vast and bloated bureaucracies are being created to exercise arbitrary powers that are unconstitutional as well as a threat both to our freedoms and to our prosperity.

I'll be nice and not belabor the fact that the editiorial pages of all of the nation's MSM outlets were loudly and proudly in favor of the intelligence "reform" that resulted in this clusterfark.

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