DC Babylon: the 50 Most Beautiful People On Capital Hill

Via Althouse, here's a fun slide show of the 50 most beautiful people on Capital Hill.

Mostly, they are the usual collection of twentysomethings. The women's beauty is generally directly linked to their age. The Republican women tend to be more classically beautiful, while the Democratic women tend to look, ah, feisty and "spicy."

Republican guys tend towards clean-cut, shirt tucked in, while the Dem men more likely to rock the rumpled idealist look.

Jesse Jackson Jr., Scott Brown and Kirsten Gillebrand are there too, as is 67-year old Ann Eschoo who, I guess, is the most beautiful old bag on the Hill.

There's a Republican staffer named Bret Manly. Truth in advertising!

There's also another Republican staffer named Hudson Hollister, a name that belongs on Mount Rushmore.

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