At Whit's End: The Last Word on the Gloria Allred Smear

Looks like people have concluded that Meg Whitman's "illegal alien maid" scandal will blow over, not least because of Gloria Allred's overwrought advocacy on behalf of her client, Jerry Brown, er, Nicki Diaz. Before we go, here's video of Allred on Greta Van Sustern's show last night. Allred probably thought this was a safe haven, since Greta is always willing to showcase Allred's battery of sleazy mistresses on the make, but not this time:

It’s every bit as good as rumored from the Twitter stream. Greta van Susteren calls Gloria Allred “insane” and “delusional,” and even gets Allred to admit at one point that her client, illegal immigrant Nicki Santillan, won’t ever end up in court on this complaint. Susteren calls Allred’s ethics into question for exposing the woman and her children — “putting a big neon sign” on them, in van Susteren’s words — for a case that Allred not only admits she can’t win but won’t even survive to an actual trial. Meanwhile, Allred keeps insisting that Meg Whitman lied about the letter that her husband saw seven years ago, and van Susteren keeps insisting that any judge or jury would laugh her out of court for that assertion on the basis of a quick note scribbled on the letter by her spouse:

Now, credit where credit's due: in pushing this story, Allred dove headfirst into some hostile media interviews, including Hugh Hewitt's and, especially, Mark Levin. She could have as easily gone the safe route: softball interviews with the LA Times, plus sob sister TV appearances on MSNBC. But Allred went toe-to-toe with the best the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy could throw at her. She might be wrong, but she's also a warrior. That's something you can't say about Jerry Brown, and the other male politicians for whom Allred is working so hard.

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