Heroine: Moe Tucker Joins The Tea Party

Hipsters across the country were appalled by the latest revealed member of the Tea Party: beloved Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker:
Lou Reed's not going to like this. Via Julian Sanchez's Twitter feed, I see that former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker was spotted at a Georgia Tea Party protest, telling a local reporter that she is "furious about the way we are being led towards socialism." Prefix magazine calls this "depressing" news that will "bring you down" before the weekend
To paraphrase Steven A. Smith: no one ever came into Max's Kansas City and said anything about a federal takeover of the health care industry or about the government owning auto companies. Anyway, Tucker hasn't been living the life of a New York hipster, marrying Laurie Anderson and living off of Walk On The Wild Side royalties. She famously moved to Georgia years ago, raised a family, and even worked at Wal-Mart (VU co-founder Sterling Morrison famously worked on a ferry in Texas, too). Today's twentysomething hipsters have no claim to her politics.

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