America's Team: Happy Memories With Leon Lett

Via Ace of Spades, here's a funny look at one of the great NFL boneheads, Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys. "All of a sudden, you see one white jersey ... with a star on it ... coming out of nowhere, jumping on the ball."

And here he is losing a sure Superbowl touchdown through a combination of his own hotdogging and Don Beebe's heroic hustle:

(Dedicated to the Free Will brother)

UPDATE: here's an odd answer to a future trivia question: when Jake Delhomme takes the field in Sunday's Browns-Panthers game, he will be drawing a paycheck from both teams.
With Browns rookie quarterbackColt McCoy in a walking boot and nursing a high ankle sprain, Jake Delhomme will start against his former Panthers team Sunday. What makes this even more intriguing is that Cleveland is paying Delhomme $7 million this season while Carolina is paying him $12.75 million. So the Panthers will be paying Delhomme more than the team he is trying to help lead to a victory. But Delhomme could help Carolina in a roundabout way; he could do even more to help the Panthers lock up the draft's No. 1 overall pick.

I know this is not an unusual occurrence in professional sports (must have happened to A-Rod a couple hundred times in the past decade), but surely it's a singular moment when the team you are playing against is paying you more than the team you are leading.

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