Election Report: Dateline San Francisco

Just got back from voting at the local playground. I wish I could tell you that it was surrounded by union rowdies bused in to intimidate conservative voters, but ... it wasn't like that at all. All was quiet, the usual collection of retirees and teenagers keeping things moving along. Anyway, it's not like any Democrats need to steal an election in San Francisco.

One thing I've been doing today is urging anyone in the City who is voting to vote for John Dennis for Congress. Dennis is running an uphill battle against Nancy Pelosi. Word is she will resign if she can't be Speaker when the 112th Congress is seated. Dennis at least will serve out his term.

More to the point, he is far less likely to lie to his constituents about his positions. I know there are a lot of sophisticated progressives out there who would never vote for someone with the demon "R" next to his name, but consider this:

1. Dennis is against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pelosi says she's against them too, but has done nothing about it except whip up hysteria.

2. He's against "don't ask, don't tell." Pelosi says she's against it, too, but has done nothing to pass legislation repealing it.

3. He's against further debasement of the currency by the Fed. I think we all know that Pelosi doesn't have a clue about economic matters.

4. He's against TARP and other corporate bailouts. Pelosi organized the damn TARP vote despite her crocodile tears for the middle class voters for whose benefit she claims to work, but whom she never fails to betray.

5. He wants to audit the Federal Reserve and then shut it down. Pelosi doesn't want to do this either.

There's some reality for the "reality based community" to ponder. Are you going to let Nancy Pelosi return to office trailing clouds of yet another 80% electoral victory? Or are you going to vote for someone who might actually vote in a manner that best represents his district?

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