No New York 1979: David Bowie on SNL

A real find from Chicago Boyz: it's David Bowie on Saturday Night Live with Klaus Nomi on back-up vocals reinventing himself (once again).

Here he is singing The Man Who Sold The World

And here he is in a bizarrely animated performance of Boys Keep Singing

Lexington says Bowie also performed TVC15, but YouTube doesn't have it. Even Google has its limits, it seems.

I think even now, if a major pop music star (and Bowie was that back then) showed up anywhere with this look and sound, they would be regarded as nuts. But, he was doing nothing more than pioneering many of the looks and sounds that would soon be labeled "new wave." If there was another classic rock artist back then who was able to seamlessly transition from Sixties to Seventies to Eighties as well as Bowie, I'd like to know their name.

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