Pitcairn's Island: Inside The Mind Of An Obama Donor

You may have heard of the table full of lefty women who serenaded Pres. Obama during a San Francisco fund raiser last week. The Chronicle tracked down the leader of this little group to find out what she is all about. Not surprisingly, she is almost a parody of the airheaded Bay Area liberal with too much money and time on her hands, and not enough brains

Naomi Pitcairn, the ringleader of the East Bay serenaders who disrupted President Obama's breakfast fundraiser to protest the treatment of accused WikiLeaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning, says she's actually a big supporter of the president.

In fact, records show she gave $28,500 to Obama's Victory Fund in 2008.

"He's the best shot we have," said Pitcairn, a fourth-generation heir to the Pittsburgh Plate Glass fortune.

Pitcairn and fellow anti-war activists disrupted Obama's big-ticket gathering at San Francisco's St. Regis Hotel on Thursday with an a cappella song: "We paid our dues ... where's our change?"

The cost of the group's tickets was over $76,000, which Pitcairn said she fully intends to pay.

And here's a picture of America's newest truth-to-power speaker. This is the sort of person from whom the Democratic Party seeks donations?

Naomi Pitcairn is escorted by San Francisco police after ... Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

American liberals are almost neurotically obsessed with money and with the question of whether someone can be said to have "earned" their money by doing good or doing bad. Looking at Pitcairn's life, it's easy to see why this is. Without her inherited wealth, Naomi Pitcairn would be pathetic: a fiftysomething woman making a "cause" out of a worm like Bradley Manning. With her money, she can pretty much do whatever she wants. As it is, whatever discomfort Pitcairn may have experienced in her life is entirely due to whatever demons that are lurking in her mind.

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