We're Here! We're Clear! Get Used To It!

The most dispiriting part of the last week's worth of fake budget cutting, and backing-away-from-the-brinksmanship was not the wispiness of the "cuts," but the quailing of the GOP leadership, such as they were, in the face of predictable demagoguery about Republicans wanting to kill grandma. With the exception of Paul Ryan, no one on the right side of the Beltway elites seemed at all bothered by the fact that they were being borked en masse. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was the only guy criticizing the President in anything close to the tone that Democrats at all levels use to attack Republicans. You could honestly wonder if anyone out there knows how to play this game.

Well, Sarah Palin was in Madison, WS this afternoon, and she at least knows what she's doing. Watch as she calls out The One and chastises her own party for already betraying the millions of voters who brought them back from the political grave last year.

I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there who will watch the above and think "what a moron." Well I must be a moron, too because that's the most rousing thing I've seen in years. And brave. If you listen to the above, you'll hear a sort of groaning ambient noise in the background. It's the sound of thousands of union rowdies bussed in to Madison specifically to surround the Tea Partiers and yell at Sarah Palin. Honestly, can you imagine Mitt Romney wading into something like that? I can't, but even if you could, no one can imagine him (or any other member of the group of whitebread GOP "front-runners") giving such a rousing speech. Game on, indeed.

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