Random Questions

Obama's now issuing signing statements? And using them to renege on a budget deal he just struck two days ago? And now we're supposed to negotiate a debt ceiling renewal with him?

Why are Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke running around predicting armaggeddon if the debt ceiling isn't raised? Didn't they learn anything the last time they ran around predicting disaster if Congress didn't vote their way immediately? (i.e. during the TARP vote?)

If Obama can make fun of Paul Ryan for "voting for two wars that weren't paid for" (one of which was the post-9/11 Afghan War, but don't call him an unpatriotic leftist!), when do we start making fun of Obama for supporting abortions that aren't paid for?

Is anyone ever going to get bug the Obama administration about their proposal to create automatic tax increases that are triggered if the federal government's debt-to-GDP ratio goes up? (in other words, if politicians spend too much taxes automatically go up). I get that Donald Trump is a "joke" candidate, but right now he looks like the only guy who would go on a tear over this sort of thing.

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