The Answer: the Boxer-Fiorina Debate

Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina held the first of several debates they will be having in the coming weeks. No knock-out blows, but this exchange doesn't exactly inspire confidence:
Fiorina initially avoided answering a reporter's question about her position on Proposition 23, "a measure that would roll back climate change legislation in California until the state's unemployment rate stays at or below 5.5 percent for a year." When pressed, Fiorina said that she has not yet taken a position on it. Boxer responded, "Well if you can't take a stand on Prop. 23, I don't know what you will take a stand on." She added that overturning California's clean energy policies would take away jobs away from the United States.
Honestly, how can you know not know the answer to that? Every scrap of "green" legislation passed in the last 4 years was little more than a subterfuge for seizing control of energy use based on climate change hysteria. California's climate change laws are not just job killers, they aren't even needed. Of course, they should be rolled back, and if you can't say that in a debate when asked, I'm not sure you're ever going to be able to.

Agreed that Boxer is obnoxious, mean, and not as smart as she thinks she is. But, you know what? When someone asked her about Prop.23, she had an answer: she's against it. She also said passing it will result in the loss of US jobs. Plus, the oil companies are in favor of it. So, there you go.

Stupid? Sure. Misinformed propagandizing? Absolutely. But, Boxer is a pro speaking to an audience, that wants to know where she stands and why. That will take you a lot farther than stuttering answers about the complexity of an issue.

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