The Day After The Primaries

The GOP Senate primary in Delaware got all of the attention last night, but there were some other remarkable primary results across the nation.

The "unelectable" "extremist" Christine O'Donnell went on Good Morning America and, in the space of a few minutes, declared the scandals against her to be "unfactual," called Karl Rove the "so-called political guru," dubbed Mike Castle an "Obama Republican," and said she thinks she can win without the GOP establishment. Intimidated she is not. And for all the talk of her being an extremist (for being pro-abstinence and anti-porn???) her actual presentation is charming and winning. O'Donnell may lack the star quality of Sarah Palin, but she's got something. Think of her as being Jan & Dean to Palin's Beach Boys.

Some guy named Carl Paladino won the GOP primary for New York governor, defeating moderate Rick Lazio, who was last seen losing to Hillary Clinton in 2000. Palodino is quite a character; a wealthy upstater who has promised to "clean up Albany with a baseball bat" and has gotten in trouble for some off-color emails. Lazio was destined to lose to Prince Andrew, but Paladino is a real wild card. These guys will have to debate, of course, which should be entertaining. Since we're supposed to be so concerned about O'Donnell's tuition bills and Paladino's emails, do you supposed someone could ask Andrew Cuomo about his work on "affordable housing" at HUD?

Charlie Rangel also won his primary. He may be facing an ethics trial, and has clearly been scamming NY's rent control laws, and the IRS, but who cares, right? But, watch out! Christine O'Donnell had to short sell her house!

DC mayor Adrian Fenty lost the Democratic primary, which is the only election that matters in DC. His opponent Vincent Gray explicitly ran against School Chancellor Michelle Rhee's reforms, which I guess means the kids in DC's public schools will be trapped for another 20 years. "Compassion" at work.

Kelly Ayoette narrowly won the GOP Senate primary in New Hampshire. This is being spun as a victory for the Establishment, which is funny as she was endorsed by Sarah Palin, who has been travelling the country upending the Establishment.

Even John Dingell is in trouble!

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