Dennis Menaces: John Dennis' Campaign Ad

Via Ace of Spades, here's San Francisco's John Dennis' congressional campaign ad for his race against Nancy Pelosi:

Note how, just when you think this is completely deranged, Dennis appears looking like the voice of reason.

GOP circles in San Francisco are small enough that Dennis and I have some mutual friends. I'm told he's a good guy. He lives in the City (unlike his opponent in the primary), and is an entrepreneur who made a mint selling high end office chairs. Many non-SF conservatives may find Dennis hard to take, as he definitely comes from the Ron Paul wing of the party, meaning he wants to "End the Fed" and shut down our overseas military bases. Still, we've tried running Strong Defense conservatives against Pelosi to no good effect. Ron Paul ran a strong campaign in SF, typically among the sort of hipsters who don't like Democrats, but could never bring themselves to support a "normal" Republican candidate. Dennis obviously has the longest of long shots, but between the City's Republicans and enough anti-war Greens (some of whom have even joined Dennis at rallies), he could rise above the 15% that GOP congressional candidates normally receive on Election Day.

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