Blue On Blue: Jerry Brown Vetoes the Democrats' Budget

Watch out for the Zen Priest. You never know when he's going to turn on you. Gov. Brown has vetoed CA's latest budget deal (something the Governator never managed to do). As the budget was drafted entirely by Democrats, this came as an unpleasant surprise to some. Nothing like some internecine war between goofball liberals. Mmmmm... internecine

With just two weeks left until the start of the fiscal year, California's budget plans stalled Thursday after Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a spending proposal by Democratic legislators, saying it was inadequate, and insisted that Republicans compromise on taxes.

"California is facing a fiscal crisis, and very strong medicine must be taken," Brown said while rejecting the budget that Democratic legislators passed Wednesday as an alternative to his plan. "I don't want to see more billions of borrowing, legal maneuvers that are questionable and a budget that will not stand the test of time."

Brown blamed Republican lawmakers for "obstructing" a vote by Californians on his plan to extend and raise taxes to balance the budget and prevent deeper cuts to education and courts. But it was Democratic legislative leaders who reacted angrily to Brown's action, saying they were "deeply dismayed."

The leaders, who spent most of the year taking direction on a budget strategy from the governor, appeared blindsided by the governor's veto, which marked the first time in California history that a governor had taken such action.

"His decision is apparently part of some elaborate strategy to force a confrontation," said Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, adding that Brown's continual push for his budget plan "ring(s) hollow if he is unable to deliver Republican votes."

One thing I will say in Brown's favor: he is a true believer. He wants to save progressive governance in California, but doesn't seem to want to go along with the sort of budget gimmicks that have become all too prevalent as the government has grown and the tax break has shrunk.

Some people are politically liberal because they genuinely want to help the downtrodden. Most liberals, though, want to remake American society with themselves at the top dispensing favors in the name of "social justice." Brown has long been among the former, which has put him at odds with most Democrats who are firmly in the latter camp.

Look, I don't want Brown or the Legislature to succeed. But, the Democratic party - and California - would be much better off if there were more libs with Brown's integrity.

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