Eurovision: VDH Observes America From Afar

Paragraph of the day honors go to Victor Davis Hanson who is traveling in Europe, giving him a bit of distance to observe the American scene.
6. Go to Europe and see the leftwing desired future for America: dense urban apartment living by design rather than by necessity; one smart car; no backyard or 3rd bedroom; dependence on mass transit; political graffiti everywhere demanding more union benefits or social entitlements; entourages of horn-blaring, police-escorted technocrats racing through the streets on the hour; gated inherited homes of an aristocratic technocracy on the Mediterranean coast, Rhine, Danube, etc., exempt from much socialist and environmental law; $10 a gallon gas; sky-high power bills; racial segregation coupled with elite praise of illegal immigration and diversity; and unexamined groupthink on green issues, entitlements and the culpability of the U.S. Drink it all in and you have the liberal agenda for an America to be.
This is one of 10 observations he makes from his European perch. Read the whole thing.

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