Killing Time On The Internet

Sorry for the inconsistent posting. I've been wrapping up a labor intensive (yet low-$$) case and preparing to move out of the apartment building I've lived in for the past (gulp) 19 years. Anyway, here's some good posts by people who have more time than I do right now.

I'd say everyone from Mark Levin on down has had a good time trashing this truly dumb cover story in Time about whether the Constitution still matters. It of course begins with the classic "the Framers couldn't anticipate all the changes we've seen" formulation which is always a prelude for ditching the document entirely. Hey, idiot, the Framers couldn't even anticipate the cotton gin, let alone Lady Gaga. Anyway, the only mention of technology in the Constitution comes in the patents provision because machines have little to do with how humans organize themselves.

Michael Ledeen looks at one of the (many) underreported phenomenon of the Obama presidency: his tendency to make absolutely bone-headed gaffes, often while speaking from prepared remarks rather than off the cuff. Just today, he gave a speech in which screwed up the details of a recent Medal of Honor winner's death. Ledeen's theory is that, unlike previous administrations, Obama's speeches are vetted by a comparative handful of people most of whom are absolutely convinced of their superior intellect, even though their politically correct educations have left them less informed than a most autodidacts with a high school degree.

For some reason, one of the founders of Thrasher magazine walked up to the door of the Mission Police Station here in the City and shot himself in the head. I was never a skater myself, but Thrasher was, and for all I know still is, as good a source for underground music as MRR or Forced Exposure.

I wasn't planning to buy Ann Coulter's new book. I thought she fell off a little with Godless, especially those last 4 chapters on evolution. But John at Verum Serum has already read Demonic, and pronounces it to be excellent. It's a historical look at the mob psychology of the Left, starting with the French Revolution and moving forward to the present day. Ann is mostly known for her caustic humor and aggressive defense of conservative ideas, but she is also a great researcher, so this does seen like a worthwhile read.

Line of the day goes to the CBO's Doug Elmendorf: "We don't estimate speeches."

Ace of Spades debunks the "Rumors Rick Perry is gay" rumors.

On the other hand, check out this wild rumor-mongering from Hillbuzz. Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel frequented a Chicago gay bar called Man's Country. Kal Penn - that's the Harold & Kumar guy - got a job at the White House so he could be close to his BF the POTUS. And, my absolute favorite detail, Rev. Wright ran a down-low matchmaking service out of the basement of the Trinity Church (my gaydar goes into the red every time I see the Rev. btw).

And here's what I've been listening to this week: it's a Spanish punk band from East LA called Rayos X. The melting pot lives

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