Is There A Connection? CA's Lawmakers Are Highest Educated, Least Accomplished In The US

It's another one of those "studies" intended to prove that liberals are super-smart. In this case, the Chronicle of Higher Education has concluded that California's lawmakers - most of whom are liberals - are the best educated in the nation, based on the dubious metric of having graduated from college.

A study shows California lawmakers are the nation's most educated.

The Washington, D.C.-based Chronicle of Higher Education says 90 percent of California's legislators have at least a bachelor's degree and 84 percent went to a public college.

Virginia is the second most-educated legislature, followed by Nebraska, New York and Florida.

The study released Monday compares education levels of all 50 state legislatures.

The Sacramento Bee says Arkansas has the least-educated statehouse: 25 percent of its members didn't attend college

Best educated, yet they have failed spectacularly. CA lawmakers have done everything the intelligencia has told them to do: raise taxes, take on astounding debt, go "green," build high speed rail, fight against climate change, and tax & regulate the hell out of the productive members of society. They have paid out no-questions-asked welfare to fully one-third of the dependency class in the US. The result has been a fiasco. The highest unemployment rate in the country, a permanent budget crisis, and a real danger of default on the horizon.

Meanwhile, our "best educated" can't perform the basic functions of government. We can't/won't build new prisons. We can't/won't do anything about "our crumbling infrastructure" - always a big problem when Republicans are in office, tied up in red tape when Dems are in charge. We can't/won't do anything about the failing public schools that doesn't involve simply paying more $$ for further failures. We can't/won't secure the state's water supply. Etc.

Mostly, our "best educated" won't do the things that will pull the state out of its slump: lower taxes, shrink government, and throw out all of the anti-business green initiatives that seem to infest every level of government. Not only will they not do these things, they will disparage the intellect of anyone who suggests that the "Reagan Way" works better than the "Brown Way." In other words, we're the dummies! I tell you, you need to go to college to understand that.

Arkansas, btw, has the "least educated" lawmakers because 25% lack college degrees. Yet, somehow they persevered and managed to get elected to public office. Also, their state is not known for chronic unemployment and fiscal disaster. Again, who are the dummies?

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