Scared Stupid

it really should be a source of despair that the most educated among us have become convinced that the World Could End because of "climate change" (nee' "global warming") based on little more than the power point slides and ominous animation produced by non-scientist Al Gore. Hopefully stories like this can reverse the tide:  Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Draw Quality Complaints

A lot of people these days are finding the new compact fluorescent bulbs anything but simple. Consumers who are trying them say they sometimes fail to work, or wear out early. At best, people discover that using the bulbs requires learning a long list of dos and don’ts.

Take the case of Karen Zuercher and her husband, in San Francisco. Inspired by watching the movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” they decided to swap out nearly every incandescent bulb in their home for energy-saving compact fluorescents. Instead of having a satisfying green moment, however, they wound up coping with a mess.

“Here’s my sad collection of bulbs that didn’t work,” Ms. Zuercher said the other day as she pulled a cardboard box containing defunct bulbs from her laundry shelf.

"Honey! I just watched a movie that said we can Save The Earth by switching lightbulbs! To Walgreens!" This from the same crowd that thinks the War of Terror is a crazy scheme cooked up in Texas, despite their watching the World Trade Center get destroyed on TV.

Do they ever get the feeling they've been ripped off?

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