UConn v Syracuse

I don't normally write about sports, but I would like to note that I was glad I decided to watch the Syracuse vs. Connecticut game last night. It went into an astounding 6 overtimes with bench players finishing off the game after most of the starters fouled out. 

Give credit to the kids who play for Syracuse: Connecticut is clearly the "better" team. Several of Connecticut's players are big enough and strong enough to play in the NBA, while Syracuse's kids are smaller and destined to get "real" jobs after school. Connecticut led most of the night and seemed more capable of scoring even as the overtimes went on and on. But, Syracuse always seemed to make a last second shot to get buy themselves another 5 precious minutes. They won the war of attrition when Hasheem Thabeet fouled out, and they could finally attack the basket, rather try to win by raining threes. 

In the end, Syracuse's coach, who has coached a lot of good teams over the years, declared that this was his "best" team ever because of this performance. High praise and well deserved. 

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