The Secret Wars

Israel apparently attacked a weapons convoy two months ago. The convoy was carrying munitions from an unnamed nation to Gaza. Big deal, right? Well, you would think so, since the attack occurred in The Sudan: U.S. Officials Say Israel Struck in Sudan

American officials said the airstrike took place as Israel sought to stop the flow of weapons to Gaza during the weeks it was fighting a war with Hamas there.

Two American officials who are privy to classified intelligence assessments said that Iran had been involved in the effort to smuggle weapons to Gaza. They also noted that there had been intelligence reports that an operative with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary GuardsCorps had gone to Sudan to coordinate the effort.

But one former official said that the exact provenance of the arms that were being smuggled via Sudan was unclear.

Although the airstrike was carried out two months ago, it was not publicized until Sudanese officials said Thursday that a convoy of trucks in the remote eastern part of Sudan was bombed by what they called “American fighters,” killing dozens. The strikes were first reported on several Internet-based news sites, including

For all the macho strutting you hear from the Middle East about the Little Satan, it's amazing how often Israel can attack its antagonists without incurring much of a response. Israel and the US are unique among nations for their ability to strike anywhere, at virtually any time, with no real response from the loudmouths who excoriate them publicly, yet meekly allow air strikes, commando raids, and missile strikes inside their borders. 

It is also striking how Israel can maintain a veil of secrecy over these efforts, which encompasses not only themselves, but also with the apparent collusion of those being attacked. Syria, for one, was notably quiet after Israel destroyed its nascent nuclear facilities. Our secret wars seem to be much more effective than our "public" wars in Iraq and Lebanon. 

We often hear about the dangers of blowback from "cowboy" American diplomacy and Israeli "apartheid". The Great Satan and Little Satan are routinely threatened with annihilation for our supposed abuses. But, in the shadows, it seems our manner of projecting power and protecting ourselves is much more effective than anyone wishes to admit or even acknowledge.

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