Young San Francisco Lives

No offence, but this guy sounds like the Roommate From Hell:

Alex Andon, 24, a graduate of Duke Universityin biology, was laid off from a biotech company last May. For months he sought new work. Then, frustrated with the hunt, he turned tojellyfish.

In an apartment he shares here with six roommates (emphasis added, and how!), Mr. Andon started a business in September building jellyfish aquariums, capitalizing on new technology that helps the fragile creatures survive in captivity. He has sold three tanks, one for $25,000 to a restaurant, and is starting a Web site to sell desktop versions for $350.
One can only imagine one of his roommates trying to Romeo his way with some girl while simultaneously saying, "Sorry, one of my roommates keeps jellyfish." 

Andon, meanwhile, will have increased his status with the fair sex because he: (1) has a unique job; (2) has lots of freetime; and (3) has ended up on the front page of the NY Times as a Symbol of Today's Brave New Youth. 

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