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Here we will see more in detail than is usual article, the compensation plan used by Liberty League.

Liberty League has been around for a few years ago. Chances are if you've been looking for a home based business and met with Liberty League and seeks to find out more about the company before signing up. One of the most important things to look at any online business is the compensation plan.

In this article I will focus mainly on the compensation plan's Freedom League. It is the most important thing to look for in any home business and that is what is going to concentrate. Most people will tell you Liberty League compensation plan has a 2-up. This is partly but not entirely true. A 2-up simply means you have to spend your first two sales to your sponsor before you can make money for himself.

Now if it is partially true that freedom has a link from 2 to pass the program, we are not seeing the big picture here. When ready to join Liberty League will have two options. You can actually join the company for just $ 49.95 and not have to buy any product, but if you go this route, then have to spend your first five sales to your sponsor. That's a total of $ 5,000 in commissions will be lost if you do.

With Liberty League, you have to buy the release program beyond being able to spend 2 instead of 5 of their first sales. The program has a cost of $ 1495. This is where most people get confused thinking that the Liberty League is only 2-Up.

For technical help at this point one could say that freedom is both a League until 2 to 5. However, it is also a 4 in one case. Soon know why. Liberty League has two more products to sell and are the conferences. The first product is called the Freedom Conference and the second product is called the Summit conference.

The free conference is priced at $ 7,995 and Summit conference is priced at $ 12,995. Law quite high. Liberty League will tell you that if you compare their prices with others will be offered a relatively low price. Not sure if this is true or not. I know how you think this is a lot of money though.

Freedom to sell and Summit who are first forced to buy for yourself. Note that you will still have to pay for your airfare, hotel stay, transportation and food. The price of the conference for the conference only and nothing else. After purchasing one or both of the conferences that will have to spend your first four sales to your sponsor. Then you are qualified to sell Liberty League conference and make money for himself.

So if you really want to be technical here Liberty League is not just a 2 in one, but an up to 5 and 4-Up as well. Just depends on what level you are in business and if you want to buy any product from Liberty League. Liberty League is to make rich people out there, but most people are losing money. Liberty League is required to show what the average income per person is with the company. They claim that 81% of its members make about $ 7,000 a year. Given the fact that most people who join Liberty League is going to buy the program Beyond Freedom and then spend their first 2 sales means that the $ 7,000 you need to subtract $ 3,500. This is beyond the cost of freedom and 2 commissions that were lost.

Now consider the cost a bit more. The website of the League of Liberty is $ 49.95 per month. To access the conference calls every day is another $ 99.00 every three months. So far, the total reaches $ 995, but now we have to include marketing costs. It is safe to say that it will spend at least $ 100.00 per month in marketing expenses for the League of Liberty. Combine all totals for everything and has spent about $ 5,700 for 7000 only. These numbers do not look very promising here.

I'd recommend the transfer of the Liberty League. No compensation plan is not old school marketing techniques are very limited and almost entirely done off-line. There are companies out there that you have a better chance of success. I do not think Liberty League is one of them.

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