Statue of Liberty - Statue of Liberty

This statue was a gift from the French people. The French leadership felt that any memorial of the celebration of American freedom should be a joint project for both the French and American people. France gave the statue and the United States provided the pedestal and place. The statue was designed by Frederic Bartholdi and began construction in early 1870. The statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886 on Bedloe Island in New York harbor. In 1956 Congress officially changed the name from Bedloe's Island Liberty Island.

The Statue of Liberty, also known as Statue of Liberty is a woman dressed representing Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom carrying a torch and a tabula ansata which translates "tablet evoking the law. The tablet is inscribed the date of the Declaration of independence and freedom at the feet of a broken chain symbolizing freedom.

During the Second World War, when the statue was kept open for visitors during the day, the lights were out at night due to power outages due to possible air attacks. The lights came on briefly the December 31, 1943 and June 6, 1944, D-Day with flashing lights dot-dot-dot-dash Morse code is to "V" for victory. New lighting was installed in 1944-45 and went on every day after sunset for a few hours after VJ Day, the end of World War II. In 1957 it was decided to keep the lights on from dusk until dawn.

Statue of Liberty has undergone reforms during the most important are the renovation began in 1984, in preparation for the celebration of the centennial of the statue. July 3rd to 6th 1986 "Liberty Weekend" took place and the statue was rededicated with President Ronald Reagan presided over the festivities and French President Francois Mitterrand in attendance. In his speech, President Reagan said: "We are the keepers of the flame of freedom, we have it up for the world to see."

The Statue of Liberty and its symbol of freedom is so prevalent today as it was in 1886. Since the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, our liberties and freedoms have been in danger from those who would destroy our way of life. The war on terror is a war against our way of life. If not for the brave men and women serving in all military branches of our country have been lost and our freedom.

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