Statue of Liberty - Junior Ranger Program For Children

This is what the posters trying to raise money for the Statue of Liberty said 100 years ago. During the years since then, it has come to symbolize the promise of freedom that the citizens of the United States enjoy. You can not visit the city of New York without regard to this national treasure. National Park has the advantage of a large amount of information available online about the park that is useful for visitors to the park, and all who want to know more about the Statue of Liberty.

A large amount of information

o History: In 1876 the statue was commissioned by the United States to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. France gave the statue to the United States as a gift to recognize the years of friendship between the two countries and the United States was responsible for paying for the base. French Auguste Bartholdi and Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (the engineer who designed the Eiffel Tower) were called for the design of the Statue of Liberty and 10 years after its commissioning, October 28, 1886 is dedicated to Ellis Island-door U.S. entry into the States.

and some recent developments: During the 1980 Statue of Liberty was given a good cleaning and some restoration work was done. Because the statue is made of hollow copper plates were parts that need to be reinforced with additional supports, etc. to prevent sagging and to maintain the statue in good condition for future generations of Americans. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Statue of Liberty was closed for a while (until August 2004) for security reasons because it is a high profile building and a symbol of the United States.

o How to visit the statue: An advance purchase tickets, entry time is the best way to see the Statue of Liberty. You can get tickets on the site, but you have to deal with a first-come, first served, and may not be able to enter without a ticket you can visit the gardens surrounding the statue and see the visitor center on your own. You will however have to buy a ferry ticket to the island.

or trips to the Statue of Liberty: There are two different tours available of the statue and the park and both are free. The tours are guided by a park ranger. The tour includes the Observatory for the observation deck, lobby, museum, tour the 11-point star-shaped Fort Wood and copper interior view of the Statue of Liberty. The tour includes everything in Paseo de la Tour Observatory except the observation deck. Neither tour lasts more than 2 hours, and are very informative for children and adults.

or if traveling with children: The Statue of Liberty has a great Junior Ranger program for children with activities to encourage them to learn more about the statue. For teachers and educators interested in obtaining more information to students about the statue, there are several resources that can be sent to the school for permanent use or as given.

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