The Statue of Liberty - The use of the powerful secrets of the symbols

Unless you live near your office, you've probably felt annoyed by his journey. Travelling around the city of New York or in which each that can sometimes seem like a stressful task, but what if you could make more of an adventure?

Note how it's really nice to have a buffer zone between you and the work and how they may be less convenient if his bosses knew who lived so near the office.

Ever cursed how long it takes to get to and from work? Did you find it frustrating to have to spend so much time lost in transit? Well, what if you discovered how to make better use of their time and even take advantage of the powerful secrets of the symbols.

My mother read a lot and probably great habit of it because compared to most people I know I have read many more books.

I also listen to many recordings and finding the time to make my own custom self hypnosis tapes for me. Where I can find the time? Well read on and discover many secrets about how to make better use of their journey and how to charge the batteries or even be soft during the journey to and from work.

Anyway, reading so many books (of all types, business and pleasure) at least one reason why you can do some things that seem difficult to what I do. The reason can be improvised metaphors and stories that help people to make powerful changes is because I read a lot and practice how the flow between the stories and how to communicate the important details of the surface.

Many times, these important and even secret codes in the form of symbols (Carl Jung is a major influence on much of my hypnosis and coined the term explores archetypes and symbols. Shamanism also uses symbols and rituals to help people)

And what if instead of two long and a half hour trip each way!, To and from Staten Island, New York could have a book in hand, some business cards, and best of all, a sense of adventure.

There's a reason why one of my sites is called Adventures in Trance and the other is called Adventures2Romance, instead of "boringland tasks" or "bored in workworld travel.

My sessions require much preparation - something like college classes like saying you should study two hours for each hour of class. The reason for my session flow so well is because I prepare a lot both consciously and in a state of light and medium trance to let my subconscious mind to process also the ideas and symbols.

So instead of having a long journey, bad morning, usually enjoy adventures in Trance, because when I'm not reading or preparing for a hypnosis session, I am open to talking with people and realize the events in my environment.

I get comfortable and have what I want and need me, or I know I can get it. I often sit with a book, a cup of coffee and the people sitting near me often find their mood changed for the better and ask for my card;)

So whether for business or pleasure, or simply to pass the time, I am open to possibilities wherever you go and do my best to prepare for the better by having the right attitude. Life can be a fun adventure and each lesson can help them grow and improve.

Of course there are bad days when the weather is horrible and everyone seems to be in a shitty mood, and sometimes even the best intentions and all hypnosis in the world only helps you get ahead. Most often, however, is great!

And since I promised to share something powerful about the symbols that can be used like you to consider a symbol in its own environment that either looks powerful for you or a symbol that can be loaded so that when see immediately feel more positive and able.

Every day and night I trip on the ferry you have the option of sitting in a seat that gives me a good view of the Statue of Liberty. Since I was a kid I remember seeing in movies and on my trips to New York.

The statue symbolizes freedom and many positive and I have used hypnosis to make these feelings even stronger so when I see the statue from the ferry, or a movie or even a small thumbnail, I have this incredible feeling.

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