What you should know about the Statue of Liberty Visit

There are a number of tourism businesses that allow you to visit a statue of Liberty. There are endless things you can see during your visit. The only thing you can take away from his first visit to see Lady Liberty is the story behind the monument. While on his visit, there are numerous tourist guides that will tell you all about the statue.

When planning a visit to the Statue of Liberty, there are several things you should know and have planned in advance. Before seeing the statue would be a good idea to do some research so you have an idea of ​​its value and what we will see. Some key things to know about the statue was sent to New York from France in pieces, three hundred and fifty pieces, to be exact. When all the pieces were delivered, and took nearly four months for the statue to be erected. Visitors are not allowed to visit the Statue of Liberty September 11, 2001. Liberty Island was closed to all visitors made until 10 December of that year.

By visiting the Statue of Liberty with the children you should know that strollers are not allowed on the promenade or in the Observatory. There is plenty of room to run and look at all the great sights. For children ages seven to twelve is a Junior Ranger program. As a Junior Ranger your child will learn about the Statue of Liberty. The program lasts about an hour. There are indoor and outdoor activities within the program that children can choose. While taking the program your child will be given a booklet that can be completed. Once the brochure is completed you can have the book signed and sealed by a park ranger and get a certificate that they have completed the program. The brochure can be downloaded from the Internet as well.

The key is having a good visit to the Statue of Liberty has to be a lot of time. A typical day is about five to six hours and this includes a visit to both the statue and Ellis Island. However, if you want to visit Liberty Island simply do not spend two to three hours. You have to take a ferry to Liberty Island, and there is always a line for the ferry, particularly during the busiest tourist months. It is recommended that you get the ferry about two hours before your trip to ensure they arrive on time. Tours must be booked and it would be a waste if not on time and could not complete the course.

Due to the large number of people who visit Liberty Island in a day is recommended that a food package. Cola sales positions could actually take all the time at which the lines can become very long. There is plenty of space for people to picnic and should be more profitable when prices on Liberty Island can be very high.

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