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Netanya, Israel - Israel the real story of Krav Maga in the United States has only one truth. How can a simple story to be distorted by so many. It is simple, as will be seen.

Krav Maga has achieved worldwide popularity, especially in the United States. Krav Maga's popularity should be attributed to the genius of its founder - Imi Lichtenfeld legacy - not a single person or organization. The following story is the true story of the events that happened in the 1980s and beyond.

It is important for readers to appreciate that three Americans were instrumental in the development of krav maga growth and popularity in the United States. Alan Feldman, Rick Levine and Darren Bltstein returned from Israel in 1981 after completing the course of the first six weeks international instructor under the direct supervision of Imi Lichtenfeld. Daniel Abraham hosted a U.S. delegation of twenty-three United States to attend the course. Alan, Rick and Darren served as ambassador of the Israeli Association. Alan Feldman subsidiary formed the Krav Maga Association of Eastern Region, Central Region Rick Blitstein and Darren Levine of the Western Region.

Alan and Rick never self-promoted and have always been low profile with his teachings. The blog has received many questions about the history of the United States, therefore, is compelled to point out some facts about underpublicized Blitstein Alan Feldman and Rick. Alan and Rick met martial artists before its formation in Israel and became some of the most talented disciples Imi Lichtenfeld, and instructors. Alan had a great experience in Kenpo, while Rick studied Kung Fu.

In 1981, Alan Feldman returned to his hometown of Philadelphia, which he thought would be little fanfare. However, immediately after his return, the Jewish War Veterans called the exponent Jew, who immediately published a very well received. The next day, Alan received over fifty phone calls asking about krav maga training. Alan did not yet have a training center, but a generous and well-intentioned lady offered her basement Alan return to teach their children without classes.

Within two months, three kinds of back-to-back every night of the week, Alan was more than seventy students quickly overcome his studio in the basement. He found a private place for students to transfer their seventies. In 1984, after becoming increasingly popular, Alan, moved to a 5,000 square meter facility in the Roosevelt Boulevard. Alan soon after received his black belt first degree in 1985 Imi. Alan taught in this place for six years. Alan took a break in the 1990's by some medical problems, but soon returned in force to teach at one of the Jewish Community Centers of the largest and Newtown Athletic Club. In 2006, Alan joined the David Kahn Krav Maga Israeli Center for Training USA, located in Hamilton, New Jersey

Rick Blitstein lived in Kibbutz Ein Harod Me-Uchad and met with Imi Lichtenfeld in 1977 and graduated from the course of the Israeli Krav Maga Association first international instructor in 1981. Rick practiced Kung Gu on the kibbutz. Some of the kibbutz were watching and approached him. They said that their Kung Fu looked good, but what to do against concerted attacks Rick?

In the words of Rick "I tortured with shocks, bearhugs, -. knife attacks with speed and power All" Rick asked what [ipo fighter] like they were using. They replied, "Oh, this is the army. "Rick later learned that these guys were in top command units and clever in the fight. Friends of Rick took him to train command and there were some older men watching. One of these men was Imi. Rick Blitstein continues to teach to honor the legacy of Imi in Miami Beach, Florida.

Darren Levine was also a martial arts background and was invited to train with the Israeli Krav Maga Association. Darren began teaching at the school of his mother, the Jewish Heschel School in Los Angeles, California. Darren Levine received his first degree black belt in 1984. Therefore, well positioned in Los Angeles, Darren developed a student body and was very successful in promoting krav maga.

Darren led the franchise, but did not succeed in trademarking the name krav maga. Darren managed to trademarking Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) logo kuf members against the wishes of the IKMA is. The IKMA opposed the unauthorized use and application for registration, but as a non-profit, could not afford the legal battle. However, the IKMA still opposes the Association of the United States use of its symbol is registered in the IKMA. The symbol kuf registered members in Israel and the European Union as a trademark of the IKMA. The IKMA, Alan, Rick, and many other prominent instructors, including all associations krav maga dissidents opposed to the brand tried.

In two separate interviews, Rick Blitstein Alan Feldman and spoke of their first encounters and reflections about krav maga. They were also asked what was to become an instructor in the early days of growing international popularity of Krav Maga.

What is your favorite story Imi?

During my visit in 1985 with Imi in Netanya, my wife went to do some window shopping. Next to his office building was a table of a retreat in seclusion. Imi asked: "Where is your wife?" I told him I did not know. Imi, said, "it is there or not?" Imi immediately got up to find his staff. To his relief, was shopping. Imi knew when to look, he was always alert. I never knew exactly what I was thinking, but I knew he was thinking about security. Here is another. During a demonstration with Rick and Alan in Cleveland in 1984, Imi asked how old he was. Imi said 76 years of age and the audience gasped. He moved like an acrobat, you could see he was still an active man. Imi said: "No need to applaud me, I know I'm good."

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