State Parks - Pennsylvania

Are you planning to go camping? Or do you want to try the open air, and yet stay away from hard ground, then look no further than the Pennsylvania State Parks. The website of the state parks of reserve offers for all kinds of activities including a day hike, a picnic or a book for weekend breaks and holidays.

Pennsylvania is one of the state with most of the parks available, one hundred and twenty parks. This makes Pennsylvania the third largest state behind California and Alaska. Visit the Pennsylvania State Parks it becomes apparent how big the place really is and get to enjoy the outdoors.

You can take an excursion during your stay in the state of Pennsylvania parks and also get to enjoy the lake, taking boat trips and go fishing. Treat log cabin lodges or go camping in the camping wonderful staff provided by the park service and crew.

Find a map on the website and book your stay without having to travel far to do all that. Get to see the wildlife in different habitats available in Pennsylvania state parks, such as deer, squirrels, bobcats, bald eagles, black bears and songbirds. You can even feed the deer, but have not because they want to be the food you do!

Climbing, disc golf, orientation backpacking, geocaching, educational programs and more. In winter you get to go skiing, ice fishing, sledding, snowmobiling, skiing and iceboating. You can also hit the trail for hiking, horseback riding, skating, train and mountain biking trails. There are also a variety of water activities such as motor boating, diving, whitewater boating, canoeing, swimming and sailing.

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