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Last week a reader interested in disagreement with my negative comparison of the protests to occupy Wall Street Tea Party demonstrations, in particular to my statement that "Tea Party rallies have been surprisingly peaceful, without a single arrest through hundreds of cities and thousands of events. "The reader was right: he had made no arrests in the tea party had overlooked.

In March 2011, Jim Canelos was arrested in Mohave County, Arizona for wearing a hat with the flag in a county supervisors meeting that prohibits hats.

In February 2010, Mervin Fried was arrested in Kingman, Arizona, to carry a symbolic trident a protest at a government building in the county. Fried argued that citizens of the county and may carry firearms, one was acquitted of the most dangerous weapons in government buildings, and later.

In particular, in November 2009, ten protesters were angered by ObamaCare arrested for disorderly conduct outside Nancy Pelosi's office in Washington, DC The ralliers were found to have organized rage against abortion activist Randall Terry D Operation Rescue.

That's it! A dozen arrests tea party in two and a half years, mostly related to anti-abortion protesters. Given the media left tilt, you can be sure that every arrest ever made in a Tea Party rally in the smallest village in the country has been well documented.

Now that we got that straight, let's examine the record of the arrest of Wall Street Occupy, you just hit a month of their anniversary:

• A few weeks ago in New York, more than 700 demonstrators were arrested for marching in the streets of Brooklyn Bridge vehicle against police orders and cut traffic;

• On Tuesday, 129 protesters were arrested in Boston and 6 in Washington DCpor burglary and disorderly conduct;

• Saturday 92 protesters were arrested in New York to take a branch of Citibank, breaking down the barriers of the police, and other crimes;

• Also on Saturday, 53 protesters in Tucson, 24 in Denver, and 19 in Raleigh were arrested for occupying public parks after closing time;

• On Sunday, 175 protesters were arrested in Chicago for creating a tent city and occupation of Congress near Grant Park Plaza;

• Also Sunday, 46 protesters were arrested in Phoenix for refusing to evacuate a public park closing time

This is just a partial list includes raids only in the highest profile events in major cities.

Let's not forget the recent unrest abroad, mainly in Western Europe, inspired by the protests Occupy Wall Street. In Rome on Saturday, police arrested the protesters breaking windows, destroying the statues, spraying graffiti on churches, lobbies banks and ATM smash, smashing police cars, and the establishment of garbage cans, cars, and military stores on fire, attacking police with sticks, stones, bottles, fire extinguishers and pumps, injuring hundreds of innocent people, mostly policemen, and causing millions of dollars in damage incalculable damage to public property and private property.

(In a delicious note, the protesters expressed outrage that the police Roman had made more arrests of his countrymen more violent from the start, so the group would not be discredited. Damned If You enforcement, damned if no.)

So let's look at the totals: 12 arrests for the Tea Party demonstrations that have been happening for 30 months, and 1,200 arrests by mobs Occupy Wall Street, that have been occurring for 30 days.

It's awfully close, but I have to suggest that Wall Street is concerned less respectful of the law of the Tea Party. However, listening to the media at present, occupy Wall Street is so peaceful and legitimate as the Tea Party.

The unequal treatment given to these counts wildly uneven reflects the double standards set by the leftist media: A tea Partier raising his fist in anger over intrusive government is as alarming as Wall Street Occupy one thousand protesters clashed with police.

Some commentators have argued that Wall Street and take the Tea Party began with anger both by the largest banks being bailed out. Although the sources of their grievances overlap, the Tea Party and to hold Wall Street has used very different tactics to get across their messages. Ironically, the Tea Party, which is more suspicious of government, has been following the letter of the law. Wall Street deal, which favors greater government regulation, has been trampling all right.

This irony is easily explained: The Tea Party believes the government has legitimate functions, limited, as the power of the police and courts to protect individuals from the initiation of force and violation of property rights. By contrast, Wall Street believes that dealing with the legitimate functions of government include the provision of universal health care, free university education and a living wage, of course, who see their police functions more as unnecessary and heavy-handed when not directly militarists.

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