Required for teaching certification in the State of Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania, as well as any other state, requires its teachers to be certified to teach in public schools. The certification process is designed to ensure that children in the state are taught by trained, qualified and certified. The best place to meet the needs of Pennsylvania teaching certification would be the State Department of Education's website.

As you work toward your teaching certification, it is important to realize that they can meet academic requirements in a couple of different ways. There are over 90 universities offering programs in Pennsylvania based strictly dedicated to the preparation of teachers. Graduates of these programs may be recommended school administration as candidates for Pennsylvania certification directly after graduation. There are also teacher training programs out of state, or even online, where appropriate curriculum and if you qualify for a teaching certification.

Individuals seeking certification of a teacher in the state of Pennsylvania with a degree in a related discipline from a college or university accredited certificate can reach the teacher through compliance with state requirements using an alternative method. The state of Pennsylvania officially recognizes the card known as the "Passport to Teaching", which is issued by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE).

Pennsylvania has officially approved this card as an acceptable alternative to achieve a teaching certification.

The content of teacher training programs, conducted via traditional or alternative, is designed to provide conceptual presentations in the classroom, which then can be appropriately applied in the field of the student. The program focuses on teaching skills, pedagogy, from different perspectives and prepares students for life experiences and pragmatic learned from teaching students in a boarding school.

Pennsylvania recognizes the reciprocal certification of more than 40 other states. There are some teaching credentials may be acceptable to teach in Pennsylvania, however, possible reciprocity between states should be thoroughly investigated through the website of the Department of Education.

The next step in the process of teacher certification in Pennsylvania requires the applicant to complete successfully a basic skills test measuring the ability of writing, reading and math. The second requirement is a test that tests the competence of the subject areas taught. Subject competition will test the content knowledge and skills related to the teaching of the applicant in relation to the subject.

The Pennsylvania Instructional Specialist or Education - Level I (also known as provisional license) is the certification issued by new teachers. It is valid for six years from the date of issue. If you have been employed as a teacher for three to six years and have won 24 post-baccalaureate credits, you may be eligible to apply for a conversion to a Level II. Note that if you do not become your Level I certificate to Level II, will be canceled. It is legal to teach in the state with an expired certificate.

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