Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

If you are interested at all, either in Pennsylvania or the history of America, which no doubt have heard of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and historical activities that occurred there during the American Civil War. The three-day battle that took place there in July 1863 was cruel and bloody, but it was hailed as a victory for the Unionist north.

However, a look at the cemetery of the Union Army at Gettysburg National Cemetery in Hill Cemetery to be convinced that the victory came at a heavy price. The cost in human lives and human suffering is enormous on both sides. Later in the same year, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech that was to be known worldwide as the Gettysburg Address.

These days, the Gettysburg National Military Park is a quiet place, but serves as a painful reminder of the battle that was fought, the strategies employed, the heroism of the combatants and the military leaders' readiness to sacrifice for the common soldier political objectives.

f go to Gettysburg National Military Park, you would do well to begin their journey at the visitor center. It will not be able to pick the books, pamphlets and brochures to help guide when in the field of battle, even if you are familiar with the form and the real battle was fought.

If you think it would be too much for you to figure things out for yourself or do not have much time, you can join one of the regular tours. If you are somewhere between these two positions, first you might see a movie Cycloarma Center, which also has historical artifacts recovered from the war theater in the numerous excavations that have taken place for almost 150 years since the battle of Gettysburg took place. If you do not look around the museum before going into battle, you must look forward.

If you go to Gettysburg to enlighten their children about what was most important in U.S. history, you should check first special interest programs available to 12.7 years old in the summer months. A program allows children to enlist in the army in 1863 for an hour to get an idea of ​​wIhat was like for soldiers of the day and it was for the children who helped to fight them.

Another program is a storyteller to tell stories of what being a child in the days of the Civil War and the role played by children in war and in civilian life in those days.

Gettysburg is a fascinating place to go if your family was involved in the battle or not. Many of the names of the combatants and place names such as Devil's Den Hill Cemetery and you know that you and a visit to the Gettysburg National Military Park will bring them back to life for you.

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