Making a Civil War film

So you want to make a movie about civil war. All you need are some basic elements, a camera, costumes, a script and a stage a little. Taking a few simple ideas in mind will help when it comes to how to make a movie.

You know you want your film is about the civil war so now only have to write a script to follow. Before selecting characters and write stories. Once the script is written you have an idea of ​​the scenery, costumes and the number of agents needed for the film.

Then, you have actors and series. Family and friends can help not only with the acting, but with the completion of sets and costumes as well. Try using some of the outdoor scenes to make production easier. If you use the outdoor scenes that need less support and the film seems more natural, remember that there were no cars on the CW. It was nature at this time, keep it simple. You may have some scenes take place in the forest instead of building a set to look like wood.

There are costumes needed when it comes to how to make a film of civil war. Maybe you know someone who has some old clothes in the attic there that only require some adjustments to fit the scenes. See if you do not allow to use them.

Before filming the movie to ensure that all necessary equipment will be able to fit the area you are using. If you want to do a battle scene of civil war many of them do. People do not want to be covered in blood from a gross concoction every scene. Use a handheld camera to the outside you can get in close to the action. You can use more than one camera if you want to get different angles and editing the same thing where you like.

If you mess up in a scene from the movie, then you can re-shoot immediately, while mistakes are still fresh in your mind in order to correct them. How to make a civil war movie together for you do not have to worry about. You can shoot the scenes that are more comfortable with the first and jump around if you like. You have to edit the film anyway.

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